How We Will Pay for State of Union Promises

Hi. Welcome to this week’s Hidden Wealth Missed Show Minutes. We’ve been discussing on Hidden Wealth Radio this last week’s State of the Union address, which really highlights, from my book, the acronym T.I.M.E. In fact, we got a lot of feedback from this past weekend’s show that the uncertainty of what a lot of people didn’t catch in the State of the Union address has got a lot of people’s attention. So I want to catch you up with what you might have missed.

T.I.M.E. in my book is an acronym that stands for Taxes, the T, taxes are heading higher. So if you’re saving for college in a 529 plan, it’s now being proposed that you will pay taxes on the way out to get that money into the tuition for your child or grandchild. The capital gains tax rate, while we’re all trying to get ahead in our retirement savings, that rate for certain income levels is being pushed higher, all the way up to 28%.

On top of that, there is a federal mandate to employers that don’t offer the new . . . what really is disguised as the nationalization of IRAs and 401Ks, that are forcing people that don’t have traditional retirement accounts to employers of 25 or more employees to have to offer as a federal mandate this My RA account, which forces people to buy Treasury bonds, that, by the way, are averaging roughly less than 2%.

And they ran the projection that if you put money into this for five years, $150 a month for five years, you’d make a whopping $560 in interest, averaging 3%. And that’s, by the way, funded with after-tax dollars, so there’s not a tax deferral going in. And even though there may not be a tax coming out, the interest is so, so minimal that there’s just absolutely no way. It’s the tax hidden in getting the mandate penalty against the employer, like with Obamacare is where the lions’ share of the revenue is going to be generated for the president. It’s not because he’s looking out for the retirement of you and I, the public.

The I in T.I.M.E. acronym is “inflation is increasing.” We know the fed has artificially stimulated interest rates down to a point of driving our deficit into a destructive level, is now going to be raising interest rates, which the cost of consumer borrowing from car loans to credit cards to student loans and all the above are going to be more costly, no differently than gas, groceries and grain fees.

In fact, labor participation rates, where it’s made us to believe that unemployment’s coming down of 5.6%, you realize that when Obama was elected, if it was at the same labor employment level, number of people that haven’t given up looking for jobs, if they were still in the job hunting arena, you realize that our unemployment rate would be at 9.9%. Plus, the cost of things are more expensive and the tax on employers, the tax on investors’ gains, is just going to mean a bigger tax and lesser growth going forward. You can’t tax and spend your way out of a major great recession, and history has proven that time and time again. And now Europe is looking to do the same. So imports are going to be more costly and the whole thing is meaning the cost of living is going to increase.

The M in T.I.M.E., for market corrections. I talked about an article, out of CNN money, that talks about, “It’s not time to put the Dramamine away yet, rough seas ahead, volatility to stay”. The market’s going to continue to go all over the place because we are a global economy now. In fact, much of what’s being discussed that’s causing havoc on our markets, isn’t even happening here at home, so we’re impacted and affected by things that our parents and grandparents never had the concern of worry or anxiety over. And I want to teach you how you don’t have to be exposed to that next correction or crash, by getting your money safe.

And then the E, in T.I.M.E., ease of management. It’s time to get serious about planning the time that is needed to educate yourself, to protect yourself from this new retirement reality so that you don’t become a statistic, because this State of the Union, which should have been titled State of Destruction, is just more destruction to our economy as it relates to the difference between the makers and the takers. And that’s really what it comes down to, and more, and more will be taken from you and I, whether that’s directly or indirectly, and there are things that we can do about it.

Where you can put your money where it grows without tax, where it grows without the risk of the market taking away any private gains or growth, where you don’t have to worry about the power of your purchasing power eroding, but the actual purchasing power that you have is increasing. And these are things I want to teach you. So there are two opportunities to not become a retirement reality statistic, and to get serious about it now being time, about putting in the time to learn how to have a safe, secure and certain retirement.

Simply go to, and I’m appreciative of this initial education but I want you to extend that education because I’m confident that you will learn and be empowered to protect yourself. And you can do it on demand with, your spouse or significant other. We suggest you go to, that’s Register and right then and there, while it’s heavy on your mind, watch what you can do to protect yourself, to not have time against you, but time on your side.

And if you’re someone who’s not trying to get ready to get ready about putting in the time for your retirement and you are ready to see what your retirement reality is with the track that you’re running on, simply call. And if it’s after-hours, you don’t get somebody directly, let us know the best time, the best number, the best Email and the best day to reach you back, with your name, and we’ll serve you on a first-come, first-serve basis at 800-825-1766; that’s 800-825-1766.

We had so many people call, and so many people now relieved just from this last week that have said “Wow, you know, I wish I had learned these things 20 years ago.” Folks, it’s time to realize that there’s a new retirement reality, and it’s not what our parents and grandparents did because we live in a global economy, and it’s time to get serious about putting in the time to build a safe, certain, and secure retirement. Here’s to your hidden wealth.

State of Union Retirement Trouble

Hi, this is Chuck Oliver. Welcome to this week’s Hidden Wealth Strategy Insights, and I am appreciative of you taking the time to become more educated around what’s going on in this economy. I’m going to talk to you about the highlights of this last week’s State of the Union Address and what that means to help you avoid becoming a retirement reality statistic. So that you have a safe, secure, and certain retirement, because I’m going to teach you that what was stated in that State of the Union Address, here are the key things to be careful of.

The acronym T.I.M.E. from my recent books, which is really what this is going to protect you from, is the acronym in T.I.M.E. The T stands for Taxes are rising, so whether it’s added taxes on college savings plans, if you’re still putting away money for your children or your grandchildren for college, they’re going to tax you on the way out of these 529 college savings plans that’s being proposed in the Obama Budget. On top of that, capital gains, the growth of your money, is going to be taxed at a higher rate depending on your income level. Regardless of income level you’re going to pay tax on your college savings vehicles.

Also being proposed is a federal mandate of a toll or tax on employers that don’t offer the Obama My RA, My Retirement Account, which is nothing more than forcing you to buy Treasury bonds that have averaged currently under 2%. The projection is you could sock away $150 a month, and in 5 years you would have made barely $560 of interest, based on where rates are today, at no fault of our own, but the Feds stimulating low rates to force you and I back into the market. So that’s the T in the acronym T.I.M.E. that you have to be careful with in this State of the Union. This really should have been called State of Destruction of the retirement opportunities here in our country.

The I stands for Inflation is Increasing, so we know the Feds going to be raising rates on all consumer driven interest rates from student loans, to credit cards, to car loans, so the cost to live is going to be more costly. Clearly, wage growth has not kept pace with the cost of living increased growth, and therefore people have a lesser and lesser amount of purchase power, even with interest rates being artificially held down by the Fed that they can’t do any longer here in the next so many months.

The M in T.I.M.E. acronym, now that it’s time to get serious about your retirement reality, is Market Corrections. The article from CNN Money by Matt Egan says “Rough sea, stock volatility here to stay, don’t throw away the Dramamine yet”, and it’s a depiction that you’ll see in the picture, that you’ll see of a boat, and if you can imagine just being thrown all over the ocean, because the vast waves and the pressure and the stress that this boat is taking on. “Investors have been battling rough seas”, he says, “on all fronts. Triple digit moves in the Dow Jones, up or down are becoming the norm. The bad news is the smart guys and gals on Wall Street believe this wild ride will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Scott Wren, a Global Equity Strategist, a Senior Global Equity Strategist says, “I don’t see this volatility going away any time soon.” Folks, the M of corrections, you don’t have to lose when the market corrects again and/or crashes. This is what every major bank or corporation has done well before the creation of IRA’s and 401k’s, and I want to teach you how you can do the same. I’ve had a front-row seat across from people that said, “I wish I would have known this 20 to 30 years ago,” and we’ve been teaching people to do this going on 2 decades. It’s been kind of not in the forefront, because it’s unknown sections of our tax code, so that you don’t pay tax on the growth or the access. Unlike the new Obama Administration Proposal, the State of the Union changes for higher taxes, and then when the market loses, you don’t lose.

The E in T.I.M.E. acronym, getting serious about it now being the time to get serious about your retirement, is Easy Management. It’s linked to the market through Indexing, not Investing and that since there’s not a loss, there’s nothing to buy or sell, it may be changing something, maybe once a year, but rarely, and it’s out-performed anything else that’s out there is you know how to design it and build it right. Folks, it’s very clear, three loop-holes are being shut down around Social Security, unique filing strategies that the average couple is deriving anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 worth of additional spousal benefits, the restrict or suspend filing strategies that many people don’t realize you can implement by having an additional $200,000 to $300,000 of income just from your Social Security funds. These are all things that are hidden that you can take advantage of before they change, but you have two opportunities.

One, I want to teach you these things in an on-demand learning environment that is very easy for you by going to That’s So just go to You can register and watch right then, and I encourage you to do that with your spouse or significant other, if you have one, so you can get on the same page. If you’re not getting ready to get ready, but you really want to see the reality of your retirement and how on track or off track and things you can do to get back on track for you, we’ve opened up the opportunity to have a free, no-cost, no-obligation, on-demand webinar education as well as analysis education, and you can receive that analysis by requesting it at 800-825-1766. That’s 800-825-1766. 800-825-1766 and leave, if it’s after hours or you don’t get someone directly, the best time, the best day, the best number, and the best email to reach you, so we can serve you on a first come first serve basis.

Folks, the sea is going to get choppier, and it is time to get serious about having peace of mind for your retirement so that it’s secure, certain, and protected. Here’s to your hidden wealth.

Tamara Burch Testimonial

Hello. My name is Tamara Burch. I’m with U.S.A Mortgage, I’m a senior loan specialist. We do predominately reverse mortgages and help assist customers in utilizing their equity in their home, to actually take those and live the lifestyle that they would like to live and use those monies to invest in their future, instead of investing in a home.

People should take out a reverse mortgage because they’re not utilizing the equity in their home. It’s just sitting there, and it’s wasting. It’s not gaining them additional income. They can use the equity in their home to get financial needs met, or they can use it to invest in themselves, as well as just to enjoy their retirement.

You do need to be at least 62 years old, in order to obtain, at this time there is no credit checks, there’s no income qualifier. So as long as you’re 62 years old and have at least 50% equity in your home, you can use that money for power for yourself, for your future.

Taking the equity out of your home and utilizing it for the Hidden Wealth System just makes sense. Right now, your income in your home is earning you nothing. You can take that money, put it into the Hidden Wealth system, and you will have more capital than if you just left it sitting in your home. It’s a good thing to place the money in the Hidden Wealth system versus just leaving it in your home because, at this time, there’s no advantages to leaving the money in your home. If you’re just letting it sit there, you’re not gaining any additional income, but if you place it in the Hidden Wealth system, now your money is earning money, versus it just sitting in your home and just being stagnant.

A lot of people haven’t thought to use the equity in their homes. One of the main reasons they haven’t thought to use it is they come from a time period where it wasn’t socially acceptable to have a mortgage on your home. You were to take a mortgage for 30 years, pay it off, and then live there the rest of your life with no mortgage in it. They never thought to use that cash equity to actually further advance their portfolios with the Hidden Wealth system.

So, by doing so, this is actually going to gain them additional income. The number one concern I get with the reverse mortgage is the misconception that once you take the mortgage, you don’t own your home anymore. You do own your home. It is simply just a lien against your property. You leave it to your heirs. You will it to them, they own the property, at that time decide what to do with it, either live in it or sell it. So that has not changed simply because you’ve taken a lien against it.

Chuck feels that taking the equity in your home and utilizing a reverse mortgage, where you’re not making those monthly payments on your mortgage, but taking the cash capital and gaining additional income from that cash capital just makes sense for you. It does not make sense for it to sit in the home and gain nothing for your future. By placing the money with the Hidden Wealth system it’s going to accumulate over time, not just today, but tomorrow,and onward. So by taking the cash out of your property, you’re going to be able to build more wealth, not only for you, but you’re going to leave a legacy for your children.

Kim Ordono Testimonial

My name is Kim Ordono, and I’m from Palm Coast, Florida. I’m actually in the mortgage industry so I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my whole portfolio. So for retirement purposes is one of the main reasons that I reached out to Chuck. I was referred to Chuck through one of my realtors; being in the real estate industry I work with a lot of real estate agents and I was referred to Chuck from Margo Marshall.

My first conversation with Chuck was on a conference call, so we hopped on a quick call and kind of just got to know each other and talked about his program and how it works and I talked to him about some things in the mortgage industry as well. Being both in the financial industry we had a lot of things in common, and from there we kind of set a face-to-face meeting. We met at his office, covered everything and I got started with Chuck right away.

When I first sat down with Chuck, I mean, that’s one of the things I always looked for in someone that you do business with people who you trust. I mean, again, being in the financial services industry, I work 100% off of referrals. So people that work with me, they trust me, they know I’m very knowledgeable with my products and programs and I had that same feeling about Chuck. So I was very comfortable after our first meeting, and excited about learning about what his program had to offer and how it could better my situation for retirement.

Well, for myself and my husband, it was more about finding a way not to pay so much out in taxes and kind of protecting what we’d already saved. So that was a big piece for us. The structure of The Hidden Wealth System is a good fit for us based on our net worth and our portfolio that we have and our goals for retiring. I’m very optimistic, I’ve done a lot of research, Chuck shared a lot of information on his personal portfolio, so I’m pretty excited to see how our first year goes together.

My previous experiences have been okay. I’ve gotten some average returns. I would probably say when I met Chuck it was just someone that kind of thought a little bit out of the box or something different. That’s really what attracted me to The Hidden Wealth System. It’s not the same thing that everybody else is doing, and it particularly fits my needs, as far as retirement and avoiding a lot of taxes that I would be stuck with. So, it’s certainly a system that works for my needs. It may not work for everyone, but for my situation, it’s a fantastic tool in order to reach my retirement goals.

I mean, that’s the other wonderful part about Chuck, if it’s not right for you, he’s going to tell you, “Based on everything that we’ve covered and we’ve been through, this might not be the best fit for you.” Anytime you hear about something that sounds too good to be true, you think it is. But really, it’s not a system that’s too good to be true, it’s just something that hasn’t been advertised heavily. A lot of people don’t know about it. And again, Chuck’s kind of an expert on this structure on this program and on this product and that’s what really makes him different.

For whatever reasons, other financial institutions and individuals aren’t taking the time to educate themselves on this program. And I think Chuck has spent the time needed and he’s actually worked in this industry long enough to where he has a great performance on his own portfolio using this system. So, it’s kind of hard to not agree with him when he’s actually doing it for himself and his family. My husband and I have a plan, just on a number, we kind of know our target number of what we need to get to. And that’s really where Chuck was extremely helpful. I mean, you give him a number of where you want to get to, and he’s going to help you get there.

There hasn’t been a question yet that I’ve asked him that he was not able to answer, and I think that’s important. So Chuck’s a long-term person that’s been doing this for a long time. Also again, he’s going to be there long-term, he’s going to be there to answer the questions and again, he’s invested a lot of time and energy into this program, as well as his own family.

He’s documented success for the income that’s generated for them and the structure for his own retirement. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is a classic comment but it’s true. I mean again, I’m 45 years old and had never heard of this type of structure for retirement. No one ever presented it to me, no one told me about it, so again, you don’t know what you don’t know so you got to get out there and find the information and certainly Chuck is the expert on this program and this structure.

The Hidden Wealth System has been wonderful for me. Everyone is super friendly, always willing to help and always answering the phone and answering your questions quickly. So it’s been a great partnership for me. I actually also work with them with some of their clients that have questions about their mortgage needs. So we do refer business back and forth to each other because some situations, some folks might be considering taking out a mortgage in order to look into investing. And that’s where I can kind of help out with some of Chuck’s clients, but I’ve had a wonderful experience with everyone in the office. If you sit down with Chuck and the numbers do work, it’s a no brainer; you’re going to follow this program and you’re going to be happy you did and your retirement is going to be much better off.

Margo’s Hidden Wealth Experience

My name is Margo Marshall and currently I reside in St. Augustine, Florida. I was searching for solutions to make my money grow and not have it depleted through the recession. Because I am in real estate, and I had talked to several different financial type of people. I found Chuck through a friend that I met at a retreat, who was good friends with, I believe, Chuck’s mentor, and that’s how I found Chuck.

My initial meeting, I actually prepared all of my information that Chuck needed to look at, and I brought it with me to his office, in Winter Park at that time, and I spent the better part actually of the day with him, talking to him about my situation and where I wanted to be and where I was right at that time, economically and financially.

After sitting down with him and going through it and understanding it better, it was a whole different venue for me than what I was used to with like whole life insurance policies and term insurance. I was extremely pleased, and I liked the way he ran his office. It’s a small company, it’s not huge. I was actually a person, and I wasn’t a number, where I found that in a lot of places that I went. It’s helped me reorganize my whole financial portfolio out of 401(k)s. I had a personally defined pension plan that I directed, and I’m funding, right now, two different plans with Chuck and I’m going into my third year.

So it has given me direction with where I’m going and what I’m going to be able to do to hopefully make it a lot easier for me, as I get older, to be able to generate income and still do what I need to do in life.

I just think it’s something that the average person out there doesn’t know about, and a lot of people don’t open themselves up to learning and growing and searching. I do a lot of searching. When I try to find something out, I’ll go online and I’ll talk to people and friends. That’s how I found Chuck, was through my networking. He didn’t appear in a newspaper one day or an online ad.

I’m going into my third year of funding two different policies, and it’s been extremely, a terrific experience for me. I’ve been able to actually loan against my policies already, to do three different things that I needed to do, that Chuck was able to help me with. Whenever there was a problem, I could pick up the phone and call Chuck and he’d have a solution for me.

I think it’s a gut feeling when you first meet Chuck. He’s honest and he’s sincere and he does care. I think it’s hard to find people that are in the, “money business” that care, and I think Chuck cares about every one of his clients and all of the people that I have sent to him. He’s always had a solution to help out, no matter who it is. He’s just that kind of a guy. You call him or email him and you get a response right away. It’s not days later. I’ve worked with so many people in my industry that you do not get that.

He’s been a tremendous help to me. His company is excellent. They’ve got a great vigor about them, and to be honest I referred my 23-year-old daughter with him. She’s opened up her second plan with Devon, and her business partner/boyfriend, and I have a couple of other clients who I would call really tough people for me to work with in real estate, and they’re now working with Chuck. It’s just been terrific. I don’t really know anybody, once they’ve been introduced, that doesn’t pull themselves together to try to get into one of his plans.

Joe Cangemi Testimonial

My name is Joe Cangemi; I currently live in Winter Park, Florida. I was looking for somebody like Chuck because I was looking for a reason or a way to extract funds from my 401(k) and IRA programs without having to bear the tax burden. I checked with CPAs, I checked with tax attorneys and everybody said if I took money out of one of those investments that it would be a taxable event. Only until I met Chuck did I find that there is a way around that.

The way I met Chuck initially was from a radio commercial. When I listened to the commercial I thought, “If it’s for real, this would probably be a great thing for me to look into.” So I got a hold of Chuck’s book and I read it, I liked what I read. I went ahead and made my first appointment on Park Avenue with Chuck. My raw feelings were that he was fantastic. Being an ex-school teacher myself, I just really appreciated the time he took with me, explaining everything so that I could hopefully explain it to someone else.

He was just great. I mean he took two and a half hours for him to get through my thick skull, but I got it pretty well. I thought I had it really well until I tried to explain to my wife at home and realized that I didn’t know everything I needed to know. I told Chuck and I spent another two hours with him on a second appointment and at that particular time, I felt confident that I could explain it to others. Being a salesman myself for 30 years, I’m a pretty good reader of people. Never had a moment’s thought that there was anything not right with Chuck or The Hidden Wealth System.

Well, I’ve been with Chuck and The Hidden Wealth System since the summer of 2011. Once I understood the program I qualified for the program and started making contributions, following the results very carefully. I meet with Chuck once or twice a year to go over all that needs to be discussed with respect to the results, changes in the investments. The thing I love about Chuck is that time is never an issue. I never feel that I’m being rushed. If I have questions, if I have issues, he handles it for me.

Well, my financial condition has improved. Whenever you look at the spreadsheet, which was how we tried to project the program out, when I looked at it and I said, “Yeah. You know, this is a little bit aggressive. Are you sure we are going to get this kind of results?” And I can say after three years that the results have actually been better than the projection. I’m extremely happy with the program. I don’t pay any taxes on my withdrawals from my 401(k) and life has really been good.

Well, the reason people haven’t heard about it is that they haven’t done the work necessary to find it. People spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do planning their retirement. And it’s a sad commentary, truthfully, because I have friends and people that I know that all of a sudden retirement is coming and they have no clue. I thought I did a pretty good job in doing what I needed to do on my side. All I tried to do is find the way not to have the government as my partner in that event. And with The Hidden Wealth System, I’m really happy that I did.

George Snyder Testimonial

My name is George Snyder, and I am from the Central Florida area, near Orlando, Florida. After I retired in 1992, I was looking to grow my resources and trying to leave something as an estate plan for my beneficiaries. I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

That was my goal, and I worked at that goal for several years. In the process, I was looking for something that would allow me to do more retiring and less working on finances and watching the market. I was looking for something that was secure and something that would be there when I do pass for my beneficiaries.

So after 15 years of working and trying to double my investment, when the market hit its low at 2008, many people lost 30% or more of their net worth. That caused me to start thinking how could I better insure that money, where it wouldn’t be a loss in the future.

That’s when I believe I heard Chuck on the radio, and because of that, I called Chuck and talked with him. He invited me in, and I had a briefing and I listened to what he had to say. I began to consider what he had to offer and how secure was it. After several meetings with Chuck, I built up a confidence level that I knew that he was the right guy for me, because of his sincerity and his knowledge of not only the insurance policies but knowledge of market and investing from his own personal experiences.

When I first met with Chuck, I thought to myself, well, this is so good. Is it really true, and can I really count on it and why haven’t I heard of it before? At this age, at 82, there’s a lot of things that I still have to learn and still have to find out about.

Not everybody can invest in this if they haven’t heard about it. So first you’ve got to hear about it. Then you have to research it. Then you have to build up confidence that this is the right people that is going to protect your interests, and then you invest in it. That’s the steps that I went through.

It was a process of probably over six months before I finally decided, yes, this is the right product for me, and had the confidence to go ahead and invest in it. It’s not something I took lightly. It’s something that I did a lot of research, a lot of thought, and it’s a product that I think will meet many people’s needs if they just learn about it and realize what it can do for you for the future.

I found that this is comforting to know that I have now done the right thing for my beneficiaries. They have a long-term withdrawal of funds up to a hundred years from now. In addition to that, in my lifetime, whatever that might be, I have the comfort of knowing that I can withdraw funds from that, at any time, to supplement my pension income that I’m currently receiving.

One of the reasons I would recommend Chuck and The Hidden Wealth System to others is that, first off, I wouldn’t want one of my friends or people that I know to miss out on an opportunity to further their wealth and further their gains, and also not be vulnerable to today’s market.

I would recommend that anyone that is interested in preserving their wealth, not only in growing it, this would be something that I would want my friends to consider. I would tell them this because what they don’t know, they don’t know.

The Market’s Start to the Trading Year

Hi, this is Chuck Oliver. Welcome to this week’s Missed Show Minutes. If you missed Hidden Wealth Radio, you can find all of our shows archived at

Well, the market got an interesting start in its first week of trading in this new year. The market lost over 460 points just in the first 2 days of its first week of trading. Then, of course, the market just went up the next few days and has been up, down, and all around.

The experts I talked about on this week’s show talk about the S&P slowing this year. You know, the S&P last year did about 11.4%. They’re projecting it to do a little less than half of that at 5.5%.

But here’s the concern that many people are raising. With oil and gas, being at its low that it’s been in probably 4 to 6 years they are predicting with crude oil going from $107 a barrel to under $50 a barrel. That’s giving those of us here in the U.S. a little bit of a raise, because it costs a lot less at the pump. The problem is it’s also a sign of global slowing, and the economies of Europe and China, as well as Japan, have been impacted significantly. That’s having a lot to do with our markets being up, down, and all around.

And here is why this is important. 2015 can be your best retirement resolution solution year by eliminating two — this is from my new book — the top two threats to retirement. The first threat is losing to the market. So, we can see these ups and we can see these downs and if we end up not getting any further than where we were from before, which is why we call it the lost decade and a half. In other words, what somebody had 15 years ago, it’s now taken them 15 years later to get back to where they once were 15 years before. We’re not making headway folks. And so, if we can eliminate losses, and I teach that on the radio this past weekend. I’ll be teaching it this coming Tuesday. You don’t want to miss Wealth and Retirement Savings Protection and making it this New Year’s Resolution Solution to make 2015 your best year.

Now, the second one is taxation. It’s very clear with the deficit we’ve dug ourselves into taxes are going to have to go higher. So stop maximum funding these 401(k)s or IRAs, or if you still are maybe someone that’s retired that’s kept your money in 401(k)s or IRAs, it’s time to get out. Taxes will go up, and I want to teach you how your money can grow without tax. You can access it without tax, and you can have it without any market correction or possible crash protection by only having your money participate in these safe, proven-saving solutions when the market goes up, not when the market goes down and entirely tax-free.

So, here is what you can do. You can register at I want to give you the phone number., or you can register by phone at 855-NO-TAX2U. That’s 855-NO-TAX2U. And let 2015, especially if this isn’t on your New Year’s Resolution list or maybe it is, don’t let 2015 get by us and find the same resolution not being resolved for 2016. You can do something about it right now, and I am predicting that this will be the most volatile market we’ve seen in about six years, where you can protect the gains that you’ve been fortunate enough to have and lock them in to never be lost, to be given back to the market and do it entirely tax-free and market-loss risk-free., register now. You’ve got to hurry. There is still space available. And I’ll gift you my most recent book that’ll teach you the five greatest traps to retirement and the core four success solutions in how to avoid living a lesser lifestyle, or possibly even running out of money in retirement by having a safe retirement resolution solution.

Here’s to your hidden wealth.

Have The Greatest Retirement Year

Hi, welcome to this week’s Hidden Wealth Insights.

I’m Charles Oliver and I’m excited to share with you how you can have the greatest retirement saving year yet, in 2015. In fact, I want to challenge you in how you can have a New Year’s retirement protection solution and make 2015 your best retirement savings year yet.

Here are the top two things you can do to do that. Number one, eliminate loses from your retirement saving vehicles. And there’s only one retirement vehicle that I know that allows you to do that, to earn returns when the market gains, but not experience losses when the market loses. And number two, and make sure you hear this, and to do it without taxation. No taxation on the growth of your retirement savings and no taxation on the distribution of when you start to use it for an income. So whether you’re 20 years from retirement, you’re in retirement, or you’re 2 days from retirement, you can benefit. Here’s why this is important. Not only did our markets lose almost 500 points just in the first 2 days of trading the first full week of trading in the New Year, but now the reality is hitting, right.

Initially we were trying to blame gasoline, crude oil. Folks, that’s good news here at home. It hasn’t cost me this little to fill up a gas tank in what seems to be four years now, but unfortunately that’s proving that there’s a slowing growth globally due to that lack of demand that’s driving this cost of gasoline/oil down. But add to the fact that now the big pundits are coming out, whether we are talking about CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and here’s what they’re saying, “A correction is good.” A correction is good? A correction is defined as a 10% or greater loss. You can’t sell me on the fact that a correction is good. But what else are they going to tell you? “Yeah, sorry, market’s going to lose.” Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you. I think you’ll experience the greatest volatility of any year that I’ve ever experienced professionally in this career of mine in financial services, which spans 20 years, 2 decades. And I want to teach you how to avoid that.

I think it’s imperative not for all your savings, but for the savings that you know you can’t afford to lose, that you position it with predictability and guarantees. Guarantees and predictability of not losing to the market, and guarantees and predictability of not losing it to taxation. We’ll give you the greatest advantage or opportunity to have a successful retirement and to have the most successful retirement savings year yet.

So here’s what you do That’s Go register. We’ve made it very convenient, two different days with three different times to pick from. So whether it’s Sunday or this Tuesday, while it’s fresh in your mind, especially if you have a spouse or significant other, watch it together. In about an hour I want to teach you our retirement protection webinar. How you can have your money only participate in these savings vehicles when there is an upside, not when there is a downside, and never to give back last year’s or any prior year gains, never to be lost to the market again, but also doing it without taxation. But you’ve got to register now., or you can call and register 855-NoTax2U. That’s 855-NoTax2U.

Now let me leave you with this. A client recently shared with me, “Wow, this is not that hard. Once I took the time,” she said, “to study how this safe proven money solution works, my question is, ‘Why isn’t everybody doing this?'” Folks it’s a difference of those who take the initiative and resolve to have their best return and savings year yet and those that’ll just add it to the list of next year’s New Year resolutions. Don’t let this one pass you by. This is timing folks, because the market is really at an all time high and is more volatile than it’s ever been, and you can protect yourself.

Here’s to your hidden wealth.

Debt Elimination

Hi, this is Chuck Oliver. Welcome to this week’s Hidden Wealth Insight. I’m excited to share with you, especially as we kick off this New Year, the number one thing that prevents people from retiring successfully — so I don’t care if you’re 25 or 75, please listen up — is debt. In fact, our society is so debt ridden, look at our federal government, the debt deficit that we’ve been pushed into is going to mean higher taxes, unfortunately more uncertainties in the markets, and now pensions being under attack, that are actually being cut for the pensioners that are receiving these retirement income benefits. The thing that’s preventing us from being able to save the needed amount to sustain our lifestyle in retirement and avoid the worst of running out of money before we run out of life is getting our debt out of the way.

If you’re debt free, don’t think that this doesn’t include you, because I want to teach those of you that are debt free how to create wealth from debt. In fact, it’s the $1.2 million strategy that I’ll be teaching if you’d like to learn more. Now, if you’re somebody in debt or you have family members, maybe adult children, or parents even for that matter, no one’s immune to unfortunately having to take on debt and find themselves kind of stranded on what’s the best strategy to get out of that debt, here’s the great news. We have found the formula. In fact, the exact algorithm formula that the banks and finance companies use to keep you and I in debt is now able to be used by you and I to get ourselves out of debt, and I want to teach you how. And I talk about it on Hidden Wealth radio this weekend. In fact, for registering and attending my educational, 20 minute webinar, it’s kind of on demand, you can go to

Now, there are three short, to the point, consecutive videos that last in duration of about 20 minutes, and it’s kind of the how, what, and why. I want you to learn how to do that because you can forward that link on to family members or friends that you care about or how you can apply it yourself. And then take advantage of the free, no-cost, no-obligation analysis to see how quickly you can eliminate your debt and ironically also learn simultaneously how to use the elimination of debt to create wealth acceleration, debt elimination into wealth acceleration.

In fact, you’ll learn by going to, the client that we recently helped, who had 28 years remaining on a mortgage they had just refinanced a few years ago, and how we were able to now have that entirely paid off in under 5 years. In fact, the average consumer saves in excess of $107,000 of interest and over 17 years of time and payback, just by simply using the global positioning system of the quickest way to zero possible through this debt elimination and wealth acceleration program.

Happy New Year and here’s to your hidden wealth.