Avoid Having Your Retirement Confiscated

Hi, this is Chuck Oliver. Welcome to this week’s Missed Show Hidden Wealth Minutes.

I wanted to talk to you about what you missed on Hidden Wealth Radio. We talked about pensions now under attack. The Federal government now has found a way to maneuver its way into reducing pension plans, mainly because of how under-funded these pension plans are as a result of the markets losing. We call it now the lost decade and a half. And when you think about your thinking in this area, whether you have an employer-paid pension, or whether it’s left up to yourself to create your own pension, the reality is everyone’s suffering, this being proof now that state pensions and federal pensions themselves are no longer protected because of how underwater they are.

In fact, out of your money, an article I talk about, “Congress Considering Plan To Allow Pension Cuts,” it’s already in the works. And here’s the impact. Those sponsoring the pension plan proposal say it’s the only available option to save failing multi-employer pension plans. Other groups such as AARP and the Pensions Rights Center are crying foul, and I would side with the Pension Rights Center for this reason.

When states or nations go through this type of a situation, it’s found that the first part of the process is first to hike taxes. So we’ll see taxes heading up, and I’ve been talking a lot about that, especially as I write about my books. But then the money printing increases, and we’ve seen the Fed just go on a spending binge that they’ve now just started winding down, which means now rates are going to go back up, which also makes our markets more volatile, which is why you’ve seen all this uncertainty with ups and downs and all-arounds. And finally, state benefits are cut. Now, here’s the impact of one gentleman, a retired truck driver, Glen Nicodemus, age 64. The proposal would cut his pension from 40,000 down to 15,000.

Here’s why this is important. We teach people how to design their own pension plan, a protected one. Protected from the government from taxing it, protecting it from Congress stepping in and taking it now, and ultimately the stock market from taking it away as it relates to the market losing. And I’m going to teach you how you can avoid these concerns and build your own retirement protection pillars. And especially if it’s you that’s paid by an employer pension, or maybe someone you care about, whether you get one from an employer or not, if you don’t, it’s up to you to obviously provide your own. And I want to teach you how you can avoid all of these dangers by learning. In fact, you can go to myretirementprotected.com. That’s myretirementprotected.com. Or 855-NOTAX2U. That’s 855-NOTAX2U.

And do so because I want to teach you how. No longer do you have to worry about Uncle Sam being in your income in retirement. You can get the government out of your retirement, tax-free growth, and tax-free income. Also, I want to teach you how the uncertainty of the market losing with a correction and/or a crash can be removed so that your money and savings only participate when the market goes up. They do not participate when the market goes down on the savings you can’t afford to lose. And then lastly, how do you build that into your own personal protected pension plan so that you avoid those risks altogether? Myretirementprotected.com. Here’s to your hidden wealth.

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