Have The Greatest Retirement Year

Hi, welcome to this week’s Hidden Wealth Insights.

I’m Charles Oliver and I’m excited to share with you how you can have the greatest retirement saving year yet, in 2015. In fact, I want to challenge you in how you can have a New Year’s retirement protection solution and make 2015 your best retirement savings year yet.

Here are the top two things you can do to do that. Number one, eliminate loses from your retirement saving vehicles. And there’s only one retirement vehicle that I know that allows you to do that, to earn returns when the market gains, but not experience losses when the market loses. And number two, and make sure you hear this, and to do it without taxation. No taxation on the growth of your retirement savings and no taxation on the distribution of when you start to use it for an income. So whether you’re 20 years from retirement, you’re in retirement, or you’re 2 days from retirement, you can benefit. Here’s why this is important. Not only did our markets lose almost 500 points just in the first 2 days of trading the first full week of trading in the New Year, but now the reality is hitting, right.

Initially we were trying to blame gasoline, crude oil. Folks, that’s good news here at home. It hasn’t cost me this little to fill up a gas tank in what seems to be four years now, but unfortunately that’s proving that there’s a slowing growth globally due to that lack of demand that’s driving this cost of gasoline/oil down. But add to the fact that now the big pundits are coming out, whether we are talking about CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and here’s what they’re saying, “A correction is good.” A correction is good? A correction is defined as a 10% or greater loss. You can’t sell me on the fact that a correction is good. But what else are they going to tell you? “Yeah, sorry, market’s going to lose.” Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you. I think you’ll experience the greatest volatility of any year that I’ve ever experienced professionally in this career of mine in financial services, which spans 20 years, 2 decades. And I want to teach you how to avoid that.

I think it’s imperative not for all your savings, but for the savings that you know you can’t afford to lose, that you position it with predictability and guarantees. Guarantees and predictability of not losing to the market, and guarantees and predictability of not losing it to taxation. We’ll give you the greatest advantage or opportunity to have a successful retirement and to have the most successful retirement savings year yet.

So here’s what you do MyRetirementProtected.com. That’s MyRetirementProtected.com. Go register. We’ve made it very convenient, two different days with three different times to pick from. So whether it’s Sunday or this Tuesday, while it’s fresh in your mind, especially if you have a spouse or significant other, watch it together. In about an hour I want to teach you our retirement protection webinar. How you can have your money only participate in these savings vehicles when there is an upside, not when there is a downside, and never to give back last year’s or any prior year gains, never to be lost to the market again, but also doing it without taxation. But you’ve got to register now. MyRetirementProtected.com, or you can call and register 855-NoTax2U. That’s 855-NoTax2U.

Now let me leave you with this. A client recently shared with me, “Wow, this is not that hard. Once I took the time,” she said, “to study how this safe proven money solution works, my question is, ‘Why isn’t everybody doing this?'” Folks it’s a difference of those who take the initiative and resolve to have their best return and savings year yet and those that’ll just add it to the list of next year’s New Year resolutions. Don’t let this one pass you by. This is timing folks, because the market is really at an all time high and is more volatile than it’s ever been, and you can protect yourself. MyRetirementProtected.com.

Here’s to your hidden wealth.

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