Joe Cangemi Testimonial

My name is Joe Cangemi; I currently live in Winter Park, Florida. I was looking for somebody like Chuck because I was looking for a reason or a way to extract funds from my 401(k) and IRA programs without having to bear the tax burden. I checked with CPAs, I checked with tax attorneys and everybody said if I took money out of one of those investments that it would be a taxable event. Only until I met Chuck did I find that there is a way around that.

The way I met Chuck initially was from a radio commercial. When I listened to the commercial I thought, “If it’s for real, this would probably be a great thing for me to look into.” So I got a hold of Chuck’s book and I read it, I liked what I read. I went ahead and made my first appointment on Park Avenue with Chuck. My raw feelings were that he was fantastic. Being an ex-school teacher myself, I just really appreciated the time he took with me, explaining everything so that I could hopefully explain it to someone else.

He was just great. I mean he took two and a half hours for him to get through my thick skull, but I got it pretty well. I thought I had it really well until I tried to explain to my wife at home and realized that I didn’t know everything I needed to know. I told Chuck and I spent another two hours with him on a second appointment and at that particular time, I felt confident that I could explain it to others. Being a salesman myself for 30 years, I’m a pretty good reader of people. Never had a moment’s thought that there was anything not right with Chuck or The Hidden Wealth System.

Well, I’ve been with Chuck and The Hidden Wealth System since the summer of 2011. Once I understood the program I qualified for the program and started making contributions, following the results very carefully. I meet with Chuck once or twice a year to go over all that needs to be discussed with respect to the results, changes in the investments. The thing I love about Chuck is that time is never an issue. I never feel that I’m being rushed. If I have questions, if I have issues, he handles it for me.

Well, my financial condition has improved. Whenever you look at the spreadsheet, which was how we tried to project the program out, when I looked at it and I said, “Yeah. You know, this is a little bit aggressive. Are you sure we are going to get this kind of results?” And I can say after three years that the results have actually been better than the projection. I’m extremely happy with the program. I don’t pay any taxes on my withdrawals from my 401(k) and life has really been good.

Well, the reason people haven’t heard about it is that they haven’t done the work necessary to find it. People spend more time planning their summer vacation than they do planning their retirement. And it’s a sad commentary, truthfully, because I have friends and people that I know that all of a sudden retirement is coming and they have no clue. I thought I did a pretty good job in doing what I needed to do on my side. All I tried to do is find the way not to have the government as my partner in that event. And with The Hidden Wealth System, I’m really happy that I did.

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