Kim Ordono Testimonial

My name is Kim Ordono, and I’m from Palm Coast, Florida. I’m actually in the mortgage industry so I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my whole portfolio. So for retirement purposes is one of the main reasons that I reached out to Chuck. I was referred to Chuck through one of my realtors; being in the real estate industry I work with a lot of real estate agents and I was referred to Chuck from Margo Marshall.

My first conversation with Chuck was on a conference call, so we hopped on a quick call and kind of just got to know each other and talked about his program and how it works and I talked to him about some things in the mortgage industry as well. Being both in the financial industry we had a lot of things in common, and from there we kind of set a face-to-face meeting. We met at his office, covered everything and I got started with Chuck right away.

When I first sat down with Chuck, I mean, that’s one of the things I always looked for in someone that you do business with people who you trust. I mean, again, being in the financial services industry, I work 100% off of referrals. So people that work with me, they trust me, they know I’m very knowledgeable with my products and programs and I had that same feeling about Chuck. So I was very comfortable after our first meeting, and excited about learning about what his program had to offer and how it could better my situation for retirement.

Well, for myself and my husband, it was more about finding a way not to pay so much out in taxes and kind of protecting what we’d already saved. So that was a big piece for us. The structure of The Hidden Wealth System is a good fit for us based on our net worth and our portfolio that we have and our goals for retiring. I’m very optimistic, I’ve done a lot of research, Chuck shared a lot of information on his personal portfolio, so I’m pretty excited to see how our first year goes together.

My previous experiences have been okay. I’ve gotten some average returns. I would probably say when I met Chuck it was just someone that kind of thought a little bit out of the box or something different. That’s really what attracted me to The Hidden Wealth System. It’s not the same thing that everybody else is doing, and it particularly fits my needs, as far as retirement and avoiding a lot of taxes that I would be stuck with. So, it’s certainly a system that works for my needs. It may not work for everyone, but for my situation, it’s a fantastic tool in order to reach my retirement goals.

I mean, that’s the other wonderful part about Chuck, if it’s not right for you, he’s going to tell you, “Based on everything that we’ve covered and we’ve been through, this might not be the best fit for you.” Anytime you hear about something that sounds too good to be true, you think it is. But really, it’s not a system that’s too good to be true, it’s just something that hasn’t been advertised heavily. A lot of people don’t know about it. And again, Chuck’s kind of an expert on this structure on this program and on this product and that’s what really makes him different.

For whatever reasons, other financial institutions and individuals aren’t taking the time to educate themselves on this program. And I think Chuck has spent the time needed and he’s actually worked in this industry long enough to where he has a great performance on his own portfolio using this system. So, it’s kind of hard to not agree with him when he’s actually doing it for himself and his family. My husband and I have a plan, just on a number, we kind of know our target number of what we need to get to. And that’s really where Chuck was extremely helpful. I mean, you give him a number of where you want to get to, and he’s going to help you get there.

There hasn’t been a question yet that I’ve asked him that he was not able to answer, and I think that’s important. So Chuck’s a long-term person that’s been doing this for a long time. Also again, he’s going to be there long-term, he’s going to be there to answer the questions and again, he’s invested a lot of time and energy into this program, as well as his own family.

He’s documented success for the income that’s generated for them and the structure for his own retirement. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is a classic comment but it’s true. I mean again, I’m 45 years old and had never heard of this type of structure for retirement. No one ever presented it to me, no one told me about it, so again, you don’t know what you don’t know so you got to get out there and find the information and certainly Chuck is the expert on this program and this structure.

The Hidden Wealth System has been wonderful for me. Everyone is super friendly, always willing to help and always answering the phone and answering your questions quickly. So it’s been a great partnership for me. I actually also work with them with some of their clients that have questions about their mortgage needs. So we do refer business back and forth to each other because some situations, some folks might be considering taking out a mortgage in order to look into investing. And that’s where I can kind of help out with some of Chuck’s clients, but I’ve had a wonderful experience with everyone in the office. If you sit down with Chuck and the numbers do work, it’s a no brainer; you’re going to follow this program and you’re going to be happy you did and your retirement is going to be much better off.

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