Margo’s Hidden Wealth Experience

My name is Margo Marshall and currently I reside in St. Augustine, Florida. I was searching for solutions to make my money grow and not have it depleted through the recession. Because I am in real estate, and I had talked to several different financial type of people. I found Chuck through a friend that I met at a retreat, who was good friends with, I believe, Chuck’s mentor, and that’s how I found Chuck.

My initial meeting, I actually prepared all of my information that Chuck needed to look at, and I brought it with me to his office, in Winter Park at that time, and I spent the better part actually of the day with him, talking to him about my situation and where I wanted to be and where I was right at that time, economically and financially.

After sitting down with him and going through it and understanding it better, it was a whole different venue for me than what I was used to with like whole life insurance policies and term insurance. I was extremely pleased, and I liked the way he ran his office. It’s a small company, it’s not huge. I was actually a person, and I wasn’t a number, where I found that in a lot of places that I went. It’s helped me reorganize my whole financial portfolio out of 401(k)s. I had a personally defined pension plan that I directed, and I’m funding, right now, two different plans with Chuck and I’m going into my third year.

So it has given me direction with where I’m going and what I’m going to be able to do to hopefully make it a lot easier for me, as I get older, to be able to generate income and still do what I need to do in life.

I just think it’s something that the average person out there doesn’t know about, and a lot of people don’t open themselves up to learning and growing and searching. I do a lot of searching. When I try to find something out, I’ll go online and I’ll talk to people and friends. That’s how I found Chuck, was through my networking. He didn’t appear in a newspaper one day or an online ad.

I’m going into my third year of funding two different policies, and it’s been extremely, a terrific experience for me. I’ve been able to actually loan against my policies already, to do three different things that I needed to do, that Chuck was able to help me with. Whenever there was a problem, I could pick up the phone and call Chuck and he’d have a solution for me.

I think it’s a gut feeling when you first meet Chuck. He’s honest and he’s sincere and he does care. I think it’s hard to find people that are in the, “money business” that care, and I think Chuck cares about every one of his clients and all of the people that I have sent to him. He’s always had a solution to help out, no matter who it is. He’s just that kind of a guy. You call him or email him and you get a response right away. It’s not days later. I’ve worked with so many people in my industry that you do not get that.

He’s been a tremendous help to me. His company is excellent. They’ve got a great vigor about them, and to be honest I referred my 23-year-old daughter with him. She’s opened up her second plan with Devon, and her business partner/boyfriend, and I have a couple of other clients who I would call really tough people for me to work with in real estate, and they’re now working with Chuck. It’s just been terrific. I don’t really know anybody, once they’ve been introduced, that doesn’t pull themselves together to try to get into one of his plans.

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