The Market’s Start to the Trading Year

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Well, the market got an interesting start in its first week of trading in this new year. The market lost over 460 points just in the first 2 days of its first week of trading. Then, of course, the market just went up the next few days and has been up, down, and all around.

The experts I talked about on this week’s show talk about the S&P slowing this year. You know, the S&P last year did about 11.4%. They’re projecting it to do a little less than half of that at 5.5%.

But here’s the concern that many people are raising. With oil and gas, being at its low that it’s been in probably 4 to 6 years they are predicting with crude oil going from $107 a barrel to under $50 a barrel. That’s giving those of us here in the U.S. a little bit of a raise, because it costs a lot less at the pump. The problem is it’s also a sign of global slowing, and the economies of Europe and China, as well as Japan, have been impacted significantly. That’s having a lot to do with our markets being up, down, and all around.

And here is why this is important. 2015 can be your best retirement resolution solution year by eliminating two — this is from my new book — the top two threats to retirement. The first threat is losing to the market. So, we can see these ups and we can see these downs and if we end up not getting any further than where we were from before, which is why we call it the lost decade and a half. In other words, what somebody had 15 years ago, it’s now taken them 15 years later to get back to where they once were 15 years before. We’re not making headway folks. And so, if we can eliminate losses, and I teach that on the radio this past weekend. I’ll be teaching it this coming Tuesday. You don’t want to miss Wealth and Retirement Savings Protection and making it this New Year’s Resolution Solution to make 2015 your best year.

Now, the second one is taxation. It’s very clear with the deficit we’ve dug ourselves into taxes are going to have to go higher. So stop maximum funding these 401(k)s or IRAs, or if you still are maybe someone that’s retired that’s kept your money in 401(k)s or IRAs, it’s time to get out. Taxes will go up, and I want to teach you how your money can grow without tax. You can access it without tax, and you can have it without any market correction or possible crash protection by only having your money participate in these safe, proven-saving solutions when the market goes up, not when the market goes down and entirely tax-free.

So, here is what you can do. You can register at I want to give you the phone number., or you can register by phone at 855-NO-TAX2U. That’s 855-NO-TAX2U. And let 2015, especially if this isn’t on your New Year’s Resolution list or maybe it is, don’t let 2015 get by us and find the same resolution not being resolved for 2016. You can do something about it right now, and I am predicting that this will be the most volatile market we’ve seen in about six years, where you can protect the gains that you’ve been fortunate enough to have and lock them in to never be lost, to be given back to the market and do it entirely tax-free and market-loss risk-free., register now. You’ve got to hurry. There is still space available. And I’ll gift you my most recent book that’ll teach you the five greatest traps to retirement and the core four success solutions in how to avoid living a lesser lifestyle, or possibly even running out of money in retirement by having a safe retirement resolution solution.

Here’s to your hidden wealth.

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